Artist Peter Goetzinger

  “If we are still enough, we can experience healing through art every day; in the simple act of looking out the window, gazing upon the art of creation and taking a deep breath. Art is all around us and healing takes hold when our eyes and hearts are open.”     If you have …

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The Miracle Life of Edgar Mint

A Novel by Brady Udall If I could tell you only one thing about my life it would be this: when I was seven years old the mailman ran over my head.   As formative events go, nothing else comes close; my careening, zigzag existence, my wounded brain and faith in God, my collisions with joy …

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Lisa Fittipaldi Artist and Author Lisa Fittipaldi began painting after losing her vision to Churg-Strauss Vasculitis.  You can view more of her paintings here.  Explore her books and discover more about her amazing journey on her website.

Otters in the River

A Daughter Says Goodbye to Her Father   The way they somersaulted over one another, it was hard to tell where one otter ended and the next began.  The movement of one affected the motion of all the others.  All families are like this: intertwined.     I sat on the bank of the Sunriver.  …

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Just the Way You Are

7 Year Old Matty B Raps for His Sister Remix of Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars

The First Post!

Artist Staci Thompson Adman Staci Thompson Adman is an artist and community activist who has lived most of her life in the Seattle area.  She received an AA degree from Cottey College in Nevada ,Missouri and a BFA in Painting from the University of Washington.  As well as pursuing her own art projects, Staci keeps …

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Healing Art, Stories and Music

A healing place for all, Healing Hamlet is an exploration of healing and art.  Your journey toward peace begins here, through the healing power of art, stories, books, poetry, and music.  Please read about our mission.  You are invited to browse through our pages to discover beauty, hope, and joy and to share your own healing inspiration.  Welcome to …

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