Healing through Music

Music can change the world because it can change people

-Bono, singer for U2 and humanitarian activist

Please sample these notes of healing. If you would like to share an original or favorite work, please submit to Healing Hamlet.

The Heart

NEEDTOBREATHE Ain’t no gift like the present tense Ain’t no love like an old romance Got’sta make hay when the sun is shinin’ Can’t waste time when it comes time to dance Find The Heart More by NEEDTOBREATHE  

Learning to Love Again

Mat Kearney Everyone I know is looking for protection Trying to pull your hometown ‘cross a telephone wire ‘Cause that was the real you standing there in the shape of your body Fear don’ know no love when we’re all the same That was the real you looking back across the water Tears falling like …

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Give It Up

Hothouse Flowers It doesn’t really matter if you’re all Jumbled up inside As long as you know love is Endless and the world is wide Give it up share it out Help who you can Talk about it More music by Hothouse Flowers Youtube Post by cathalb4

Just For Now

Imogen Heap Just for now, just for now, just for now Just for now, just for now, just for now It’s that time of year Leave all our hopelessnesses aside (If just for a little while) Dear, stop right here I know we’ll follow the bumpy ride (I’m secretly on your side) More music by …

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Turn Turn Turn

Pete Seeger To every thing (turn turn turn), there is a season (turn turn turn), and a time to every purpose under the heaven. Learn more about Pete Seeger Find Turn Turn Turn Youtube Post by goodelady


The Posies On the way back from yesterday, give yourself a break And say hello to the now you know Now you know (let it go) today There’s no prison left inside to guard you through Conversations on and on… Find Conversations by the Posies Youtube Post by SeeThisRadio  


Beck Think I’m stranded but I don’t know where I got this diamond I don’t know  how to shine… If we can learn how to freeze ourselves alive We can learn to leave these burdens to burn Find Orphans

Next Year

Foo Fighters Into the sun we climb Climbing our wings will burn white Everyone strapped in tight We’ll ride it out Music from Foo Fighters Find Next Year

A Winter’s Tale

Queen So quiet and peaceful Tranquil and blissful There’s a kind of magic in the air What a truly magnificent view A breathtaking scene With the dreams of the world In the palm of your hand More from Queen Find A Winter’s Tale

Sky’s Still Blue

Andrew Belle Ya never see clearly, til ya stop cryin I never found it, until I stopped tryin I stumbled upon ya and fell thru the ceiling tiles I started a fire, to smoke out my treasons I tore down a building, to pick up the pieces And now on a clear glass wall, I …

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