Over the span of a dozen years, I lost half of my childhood family to cancer.  Somehow, I had to process this illness, loss and grief while trying to raise an infant and toddler into their teen years.

I was not alone.

I didn’t have to look far to discover people whose struggles were greater than my own.  All around me people were travelling their own paths of suffering and healing like the ebb and flow of ocean currents.  Some days their journeys buoyed me.  Other times, the strength I had gained would flow back to them.

Healing Hamlet is a continuation of that never ending journey from loss to healing.  It is a celebration of all that is human, both fragile and powerful.  It is a reminder that loss and suffering mean we have known joy and can recognize and reclaim it.  This hamlet was created as a place for us to gather, share our experience and walk together toward healing.

Peaceful Journeys

-Anita Sheridan Price