Old Pig

Margaret Wild

Illustrations by Ron Brooks



“Now,” said Old Pig, “I want to feast.”…
“Look!” said Old Pig.  “Do you see how the light glitters on the leaves?”
“Look!” said Old Pig.  “Do you see the clouds gather like gossips in the sky?”
“Look!” said Old Pig.  “Do you see how the trees are reflected in the lake?”

“This heartbreaking, gentle, perfectly indirect story about the last days on earth of an elderly pig offers a better introduction to the fact and poetry of mortality than many a more studied attempt.”  —Adam Gopnik, writer, the New Yorker

“Wild’s poignant story about the death of Old Pig is full of warmth and, yes, joy.”  —Publishers Weekly


Old Pig is out of print.  Please check Goodreads to find a copy at a used bookstore or your library.