Healing through Art

Art is a wound turned into light

-George Braques, French painter and sculptor

Explore the healing power of art in the submissions below.  If you would like to share an original or favorite work of art, please submit to Healing Hamlet.

Hard Work Ahead

Tim Christensen I make pots about the times in which we live, and the challenges of living in a time in which we are divorced from the natural world around us. I make my work to be appreciated by those who know a lot or a little about porcelain or art, and make it with …

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Sea of Sorrows

Sandra Ramos Arms Artist Sandra Ramos has received worldwide recognition for her interpretation of modern life in Cuba.  Her most recent works are on display in her exhibit: Bridging the Past, Present and Future.  Sandra Ramos lives in Havana, Cuba. View more works by Sandra Ramos on her website.    

Animalitos On My Mind

Kathy Sosa Kathy Sosa married into an artistic family and spent several years standing on the sidelines before picking up her first paintbrush at age 45.  She describes herself as “an Anglo person who landed in San Antonio and dove into Latino culture.” When you stumble on to something and it’s brand new and different, …

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Cynthia Holmes My paintings reflect my interest in nature and stories by connecting reality with the imagination.  The natural world of plants, landscape, animals, weather, people, mountains and rivers are intertwined with the stories of everyday to form a fanciful colorful painting that celebrates the journey of life.  –Cynthia Holmes   View more art by …

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Grandfather Tree of Knowledge

Shonto Begay We say “nizhonigoo bil iina”, the beauty that you live with, the beauty that you live by, the beauty upon which you base your life.  For me, beauty is anything that stirs the soul, the emotion, whether it be grief, anger, joy, or melancholia.  –Shonto Begay Shonto Begay is a Navajo artist, children’s …

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Alamance Pasture

Jane Filer The space of not knowing something is a little bit scary, but it is excellent, because the possibilities that I have at my fingertips then are limitless. – Jane Filer Visit Jane Filer’s Webpage View Jane Filer Painting and Creativity  

Sky Burial

Bethany Shorb I wanted to offer a piece that gave reverence to that reinterring of both the physical body and the spirit… Even though the Native Americans’ remains were being reinterred into the earth, I wanted to create a metaphor of them also being interred into the sky…  I wanted to do a piece that …

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Totem Walk at Sitka

Emily Carr Emily Carr (1871 – 1945) was born in Victoria, British Columbia to a well off British family.  Throughout her life, she would continually push the boundaries of artistic, cultural, societal and gender based expectations.  Carr was orphaned while still a teen, and left for San Francisco to study art.  A decade later, she …

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Her Heart Touched by Hummingbirds

Patricia Wyatt I have been a printmaker, a textile designer and a painter.  I have come to understand that making art is a fluid process that is constantly being refined.  The many different materials I use create both physical and emotional depth.  My paintings offer each of us a quiet moment to consider our paths, to …

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Blue Pool

Yuri Shimojo Someone told me “You are lucky to be an artist because you can reflect your fate in your art, like Frida Kahlo did.”  This was around the time when I had lost all my family in this world.  I was 29 years old.  I don’t have the courage she had.  She appealed to …

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