Healing through Art

Art is a wound turned into light

-George Braques, French painter and sculptor

Explore the healing power of art in the submissions below.  If you would like to share an original or favorite work of art, please submit to Healing Hamlet.

In My Own Light

Kathy Jones My hope is that people who see my work are moved to bring their own history to the painting and to tell their own stories. Visit the website for artist Kathy Jones

Singing Ringing Tree

Mike Tonkin and Anna Liu Erected in the Pennine hills in Lancashire, England, the Singing Ringing Tree is constructed of galvanized steel pipes which use wind energy to produce music. Learn more about the Singing Ringing Tree Visit the Tonkin Liu Website

Song Bird

Brandi Hofer The repetition of the female portrait was to represent women as a whole, women coming into themselves, a reflection of life and self-discovery: this is what I wanted the portraits to portray. So it was a repetition of an image but each represented a different moment in time. That is why I refer …

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Winds of Change

Leanne Venier I strive to tap into the natural creative energy that is shared by and connects all living things and transfer this onto the canvas; my work is intended to be as subtly nourishing and enriching to my viewers as it is to me. — Leanne Venier Leanne Venier previously worked as an engineer …

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Menopausal Midwife

Margo Spellman Each year for the past 15 years I’ve taken a week or two off in the summer to paint. I use this time to grapple with personal issues such as mortality, infertility, pain and transformation. Healing occurs for me when I authentically paint my truth, but also when others find personal healing in …

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The View

Liese Chavez I hope that people look at the art and feel like we’ve shared something.  So that inspires me – the fact that I can connect with people through the artwork is important. – Liese Chavez Explore more art by Liese Chavez on her website and facebook page.


Beverly McIver In a stirring series of paintings, Beverly McIver explores the complexities of African American female identity.  But just as striking, are her scenes of love, sacrifice and loss, which depict the universal story of family bonds .  The documentary Raising Renee follows Beverly’s struggle to care for her mentally handicapped sister after the death …

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Eric Powell I felt early on that I wanted to add to the “soup’”of this long and rich lineage.  It is not a matter of feeling qualified to add my part; it is a matter of not accepting that I am not qualified.  Much of the art and music that I most admire, upon some …

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Gravity Glue

Michael Grab Over the past few years of practicing rock balance, simple curiosity has evolved into therapeutic ritual, ultimately nurturing meditative presence, mental well-being, and artistry of design. –Michael Grab View more sculptures by Michael Grab and Gravity Glue

With a Heart of Gold

Willie Cole With a Heart of Gold is one of Willie Cole’s 3 dimensional art installations using recycled women’s shoes. The multiplication of a single object has become the driving aesthetic of my sculptural work.  I think of myself as creating the same way nature does: through cell replication and multiplication.  I tell myself that …

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