If There Was No Poetry

Tess Norton

Mama and baby bird photo by Yuwen Teo

Photo by Yuwen Teo

If there was no poetry
then what would become
of my fledgling thoughts
unbaked as they are

this mish-mash of words
words I’ve barely stirred

i have made them presentable
readied them to be penned
they all wait proudly
showing their finest
how versatile they can be
wanting to be chosen

metaphors so clever
phrases perfectly turned
runes waiting for attribution
clichés anticipating new life

would my gift for schtick
never get the chance to evoke
the laughs I so crave
oh! what a terrible curse
to have my pen stilled

where would I put the
clatter in my head
if not into poetry
each precious word a chick nudged
from its nest
all my babies: some fly, some fall flat

i am mother to these fledglings
watchful, hopeful, shaping them
helping them fulfill their potential
and when they take flight
avoiding the fate of Icarus
they save me
for a moment
they save me
from the madness
the world


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