Once Was Lost

A Novel by Sara Zarr

Once Was Lost Sara Zarr

“Fifteen-year-old Samara Taylor lives a lie. To the outside world, she and her family have the perfect life. But in reality, she feels like she’s exploding into a million pieces. And her parents, the ones who should be able to put her back together, barely notice her plight.

Sam’s pastor father, who is always helping the congregation with their problems, rarely leaves any time to spend with his own wife and daughter. While her mother appears perfect in every way — always pleasant, always prepared — in reality, she battles an alcohol addiction and has recently entered a rehab center…

To complicate matters further, a girl in the church has been abducted — allegedly by someone she knows — sending the church and town into an uproar…

Sara Zarr has bestowed a unique gift to readers with ONCE WAS LOST. She tackles the intricate (and often delicate) obstacles of faith in a warm, welcoming and nonjudgmental approach. Her character of Sam is relatable and believable, providing a bonding point for readers with her openness, honesty and sincerity. Zarr has a real talent for writing deep and raw emotions, sharing and connecting with readers who may be feeling the same as Sam.”

- From Teenreads.com

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