Where is My Mother

Yun Gee

Where is my Mother by Yun Gee

Yun Gee (1906-1963) was a Chinese-American artist, poet, writer and performer.  At 15, he left China to join his father in San Francisco and never saw his mother again.  Yun Gee studied at the California School of Fine Art and became a U. S. Citizen.  At 21 he left for Paris where his work was well received.  Merging western and eastern themes and styles, he was the first Chinese artist to exhibit in the established Parisian art salons. On his return to his adopted country, Yun Gee endured years of discrimination in New York City.  In 1936 he returned to Paris where he found acceptance, but World War II forced his return to America three years later.  In his poem entitled Pigeon, he wrote, “Here I am free by law, people cannot kill me like a chicken.  The only thing that makes me tremble, is when a hawk appears over the skyscrapers.”

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