Sometimes We Get it Right

Tara Egan


Photo by Lon Martin

As parents, we wear our guilt like a favorite pair of shoes; constantly and mindlessly. In contrast, we wear our pride like a pair of too-tight gloves; intermittently and uncomfortably.

As I’ve navigated my way through my divorce, my guilt and sense of failure has taken on a life of its own. I wonder if their path through life will be burdened by their disjointed family.  I worry that I’m not going to be good enough or strong enough to serve as both parents when The Dad isn’t here. I fear that I’m saying and doing the wrong things all. the. damn. time.

Navigating my own emotions is that much harder when I’m always trying to remain cognizant of theirs.

But then there’s a moment.  An interaction between me and one of my children that lets me know that in the midst of all this transition and heartache, I’ve done something good and beautiful and lasting.

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Tara Egan is a Doctor of Education (D., Ed.) in School Psychology and the owner of Charlotte Parent Coaching.  She is the author of Better Behavior for Ages 2-10: Small Miracles That Work Like Magic.