Pushing the Piano Home

Jennifer Valentine

Once we get it to the street I said, Its all pretty much downhill from here.  And we looked toward home together, surveying the potholes, dips and little inclines.


I came across a small, chapel sized upright piano on its side last Monday in someone’s yard, two hours before you had to leave to teach.  It was fate, I said. Something told me I needed to go out.  Snow and rain were coming.  It had to be now, I said.  And without hesitation, you put on your coat and shoes and we walked hastily down the weathered sidewalk to save it from sure death at the hands of the hangings-on of winter rains and snow…

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  1. Deeply grateful to be featured here in this healing place….we are all in need of that. I love to write, it is a pleasure for me, that I haven’t afforded myself in months. Knowing my stories are considered a healing thing…..well, that makes a world of difference.