A Boat Trip Gone Beautifully Wrong

Angie Miller



If arguments broke out, we’d just be an ugly family caught in a real-life Survivor episode. It was better to stay silent.




My husband and I were guiding our packed canoe which must have weighed 500 pounds into the worst boat launch in the world–a 13 step stairway that led down a steep  embankment–when the watertight box that held our keys, wallets, lighter, and iPhone fell into the river.  It was then that we realized I had not latched up the watertight box.  It was also then that my husband let go of the boat to save our possessions, which left me at the top of the staircase guiding a canoe a thousand times my size and weight into the river on my own.  We weren’t even in the boat yet, and we were already taking water. Suddenly, all of our hopes for a relaxing, let’s-float-down-the-river-this-weekend lazy pace changed into a chaotic this-whole-thing-is-going-to-be-awful freneticism. This did not bode well.

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