New Year’s Eve Reflection

With Gratitude…

Healing Hamlet thanks those who have generously agreed to be interviewed and share their work with this website.  We appreciate all who have taken a moment to view our posts and for the many encouraging comments!

Sunset over the field by Emmanuel Keller
Photograph by Emmanuel Keller
“I’ve always believed that everyone has a story… you are finding the stories of some pretty interesting people.” -Leslee Shepler
“It is lovely, like a reflective pond surrounded by jeweled beads.  Thank you so much for sharing, my day is much brighter.” -Marte Peet
“This is beautiful – a great start! ” -Kathy Krause
“I think you’re doing something extraordinary and necessary.  I believe you’re going to touch a lot of people.” -Peter Goetzinger 
“It is just beautiful.  I was very moved by your otter story.  Also, the interview with Staci was so interesting and amazing, and the video of the little boy just adorable.” -Laura Devlin     
“Your blog is terrific.  Sharing inspirational stories about overcoming obstacles is captivating and I would suspect will draw a lot of followers.”           -Renee O’Brien
“This was beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes.” -Miriam Burbach
“I’m really impressed with the effort you’re making on the site. The first interview is great and the photos really topped it off.” – Dan Richards
“I loved taking a look at your blog.   Well done!   Looks like you poured your heart into it.”             – Mary Neifert 
“Awesome way to kick off the blog!  I look forward to seeing how it will grow and develop in your capable hands.” – Sarah Pietsch
“Wow – what a beautiful site to share.” – Laurel Sheridan
“Love it.” -Theresa Vanga
“Really great site and perfect for where I am in my life right now.” -Cindy Jensen