Monthly Archives: March, 2014

Just For Now

Imogen Heap Just for now, just for now, just for now Just for now, just for now, just for now It’s that time of year Leave all our hopelessnesses aside (If just for a little while) Dear, stop right here I know we’ll follow the bumpy ride (I’m secretly on your side) More music by …

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Reading Simic

Thomas Pitre I tried balancing a bowl of hot oatmeal on my lap and reading his poems in my tired and worn, green chair. On the back cover of a collection, a reviewer wrote “Simic may end a poem with a kiss or a bludgeon.” The reader will never know. Blackjack Fresno Johnny sent me …

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Elemental Wheels

Kelly Price Nature virtually always satisfies my hunger for variety, balance and movement. It provides a vital kind of homecoming. Each piece I make tends to be a form of gratitude for each of these “homecomings.” — Kelly Price Find more artwork by Kelly Price at and on her Facebook Page: Kelly Price/ Silk Spirit Explore prints by …

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