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Freedom from a Repressive Regime

Two Books about Life in North Korea We know what we hear in the news about the latest actions of the North Korean government, but what do we know about the people living  under this regime?  Here are two books about living conditions in North Korea and the people who risked everything for a chance …

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Red Horse

Martiros Saryan Martiros Saryan (1880-1972) was born in Russia to Armenian parents.  In 1915 he went to Armenia to to help returning Armenians who were fleeing genocide at the hands of the Ottoman Empire. “I do not know when the artist was born in me,” he explained.  “It was probably in those days when I used …

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Open Your Eyes

Photo by Jim Simonson Darling, Open your eyes. You are not made up of those words that hurt you. Or that number on that scale. Or the expectations you feel you will never meet. You are made up of nothing more than you. Simply, beautiful, wonderfully, uniquely you. You are a lovely and complex soul. …

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Stay On

BoDeans ‘Cause this big, wide, open crazy world Can get you downhearted And wondering where you stand or fall Wondering why try at all Well, I say stay on, stay on, steady now Stay on, stay, don’t you stray Stay on, stay on, steady now Don’t you stray More by the BoDeans Post by justpostit1

Singer and Recording Artist Tamara Power-Drutis

    It wasn’t so much that I decided one day to be a musician, as that I realized over time that I could never not be a musician. I have other passions in life that at times take the front seat, but music will always be there, waiting to evolve into what’s next.   …

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Laurie Halse Anderson An escaped slave enlists as a soldier and struggles with his regiment to survive the bitter cold winter of 1777-78 in Valley Forge.  Still a teen, Curzon must endure days without food, disentegrating boots, disrespect and mistreatment by his fellow soldiers.  He is fighting for the freedom of people who will not recognize his …

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Mind Boggling

Georgia Blizzard Born in 1919 of Irish and Apache heritage, Georgia Blizzard began making pottery as a child with clay found in local Appalachian streams and hillsides.  She is a self-taught artist and all her pieces are formed by hand.  Of her artwork and its creative process, she stated, “I can get rid of taunting, …

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Healing Quote of the Day

  If good things lasted forever, would we appreciate how precious they are? ― Bill Watterson, Calvin and Hobbes, It’s a Magical World

Dog and Butterfly

Heart See the dog and butterfly Up in the air he likes to fly. Dog and butterfly Below she had to try She roll back down to the warm soft ground, laughing She don’t know why, she don’t know why Dog and butterfly. More music by Heart Post by SuperKevinHeart


Marc-Antoine Fontenelle Six years have already passed. Six years during which she made a vow to this code of silence. If in Sicily, one does not speak of the crimes committed by the mafia, a code known as omertà; here in my house, my mother never brings up the terrorist attacks committed by those deadly …

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