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Healing Quote of the Day

When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on. -Franklin D. Roosevelt

Closer to Fine

Indigo Girls I went to the doctor, I went to the  mountains I looked to the children, I drank from the fountains There’s more than one answer to these questions Pointing me in a crooked line And the less I seek my source for some definitive Closer I am to fine – Post by “RockAndfunk” – More from Indigo …

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John Thornburg of JAR

  I approach my music as if it is my only option. A lot of the time, I truly believe it is. Music makes people happy! I love making people happy! Just getting some sort of idea or message out there is really something. In the end, it is the bigger picture that drives me. …

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The Big Burn

Timothy Egan Teddy Roosevelt and the Fire that Saved America On the afternoon of August 20, 1910, a battering ram of wind moved through the drought-stricken national forests of Washington, Idaho, and Montana, whipping the hundreds of small blazes burning across the forest floor into a roaring inferno that jumped from treetop to ridge as …

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Robert Beauchamp Robert Beauchamp (1923 – 1995), along with his six siblings, was orphaned at the age of three and raised during the depression in communal housing in Denver, Colorado.  After receiving encouragement from his high school art teacher, Beauchamp immersed himself in art books from the public library and spent countless hours at the …

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Here in the Mirror: Finding Beauty Beyond Body Image

Sarah Ann Henderson Tonight, I looked at my body. I have not done this in a long time, not intently anyway. As I was undressing to shower, I caught my reflection in in the bathroom mirror and for some reason it stopped me. For some reason, I felt there was something I needed to see. …

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Better Now

Collective Soul Let the word out, I’ve got to get out Oh, I’m feeling better now Break the news out, I’ve got to  get out Oh, I’m feeling better The world’s done shakin’ The world’s done shakin’ The world’s done shakin’ me down -Better Now From the album Youth by Collective Soul

Artist Keith Maddy

    When I view my favorite works I experience wonder anew each time. How wonderful, how creative, how amazing, how incredible, that this piece has come from someone’s imagination, through their mind and hands, and into reality.     Keith Maddy was raised in Pembroke, Massachusetts as the last of 7 children.  His mother’s …

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Mathilda Savitch

Victor Lodato Fear doesn’t come naturally to Mathilda Savitch. She prefers to look right at the things nobody else can bring themselves to mention: for example, the fact that her beloved older sister is dead, pushed in front of a train by a man still on the loose. Her grief-stricken parents have basically been sleepwalking …

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Nana Luna

Paula Nicho Cumez Artist Paula Nicho Cumez was born in an indigenous Mayan community in Guatemala which suffered extreme violence during the civil war years.  She draws inspiration for her paintings from the women in her life, her Mayan heritage and culture, and from her dreams.  Through her artistic gifts and determination, she has broken …

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